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Work From Home With Ergonomic Chair From ERGOTUNE

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Since working from home for many people has become the norm, it’s a good time to look into getting your home office a little bit more comfortable. Today we are checking out the latest office chair from ErgoTune – here is the ErgoTune Supreme. In this article we cover what you get for your money, how it performs and our opinion on it.

ErgoTune provides an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of adjustments and also focuses on ergonomic fit. This chair has 11 different adjustment zones. We will start from the top and work our way down. First is the headrest tilt, height and depth adjustments. I have realised that my usual sitting position actually almost never requires a head support so I can’t comment on this feature.

What I can do is comment on one of my favourite features – the backrest height which works in conjunction with auto tuning lumbar support. It provides a nice amount of support and the ATLAS Lumbar support maintains the spine’s natural C-shaped curve without the need of adjusting anything. This chair can recline as low as 136 degrees and it has an interesting recline tension control. This function can be tricky to figure out at first, so let me guide you. You can lock and unlock it with the left knob below the seat, and the right knob controls the tension levels, meaning how much effort you need to use to recline the chair. So try it out and find the right synergy for you.  I use a mix of both – normally while sitting up I crank up the tilt to be pretty stiff so I am not leaning too far back and if I am relaxing I may tilt it back and lock it in place. 

Next we have 5D armrest adjustments, it includes height, width and rotation to almost any position you would need. These armrests are soft and comfortable and while sitting straight in front of the desk it works perfectly, but when I’m leaning back, the armrests no longer support my elbows. It would be so much more comfortable if the swivel adjustments allowed them to shuffle all the way to the opposite side as well. Also if I lean on it at an angle, it is prone to accidental adjustments – I find it rather annoying. Maybe a locking mechanism would solve the issue. I think the armrests are one of the features where ErgoTune can make some improvements and manufacture the next version of ErgoTune near close to perfection. (UPDATE: Ergotune has listened to our feedback and the issue with the flimsy armrests is now fixed. We tried the new armrest version and it is definitelly stiffer, therefore it prevents accidental shifts.)

Lastly we have a seat depth adjustment as well as seat height. Your knees should be at 90 degrees angle once you’re done with all adjustments. On that note, the chair comes with a Key Calibration instructions book so make sure to read it and adjust them to fit your body size. The ErgoTune team has used a Class IV hydraulics system made in South Korea, allowing the chair to support weight of up to a whopping 250 kg.

The build quality is good, it is made out of aluminium so we can easily classify it as a more  premium chair. It has a very nice and breathable mesh that is a bit stiffer than your typical chair but it shapes and supports nicely when sitting in it. It’s crafted from 2:1 blend of fabric and polyester to have the best qualities from both worlds.

This chair comes in two colours – charcoal black and coral pink. I prefer the darker option but could see the lighter version be nicely integrated into a more formal office environment. 

The ErgoTune is backed by one of the best office chair warranties out there, with up to 12 years of coverage. If you wish to get the maximum warranty, you just need to share a photo or video of your purchase on social media, overwise you will be entitled for up to 8 years of warranty.

ErgoTune actually has a slightly cut down version of this chair and they sell it as a Classic variant – as I am not using the headrest anyway, I guess for me that would be a better fit considering it is also 200 dollars cheaper so make sure to check out what you actually need.

Overall I am pretty happy with this chair. With its sleek and minimalistic look, it can look good in any environment. It is also loaded with various adjustment functions, so once you’re done customising all of them to your body size and sitting preferences, it will provide good support for the back while staying comfortable during extended periods of use. The mesh has not become flimsy and I don’t think I will ever go back to non-mesh chairs.

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