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Toy or Tool? - Martiangear COCKPIT PRO

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

This is the latest creation from Martiangear: it is their ultimate gaming experience Cockpit Pro.

This setup is easily the most over the top all-in-one workstation that I have ever tried so our main goal for this video is to figure out if this futuristic looking cockpit is worth all the hype. Let’s dive right in!

The first question that might come to your mind is - well, why don’t I just buy a gaming chair, tilt it back and make it do? Honestly, I had the same idea… But it took me exactly 5 seconds of gaming experience in this battle station to completely change my mind.

Let me guide you through its features as well as pros and cons.

It is an all-in-one workstation with a price tag of almost 4 thousand USD for the default setup. However when you’re making the order, you can customize everything, starting from colours and logo, to more ergonomic requirements like the type of chair, desk or even choose the colour of nuts and bolts you want to have (if you happen to be very particular about it). This seems like a great approach from Martiangear.

The setup includes triple screen brackets with several options of monitor mount configuration. The cockpit can be customised to hold up to 5 monitors if you wish, making it so wide that it almost feels like VR. However there is one caveat, it can take a maximum of 24kg total weight capacity on the overhead arm so mounting 5 heavy gaming monitors might be an issue. From an ergonomic standpoint I personally see it best suited for 3 monitors.

The brackets are adjustable and are using standard VESA mount as expected. There is a nice shroud that goes around the arm for cable management so you can make it very presentable.

Keeping up with the presentability - they have certainly made sure there are enough light accents all around - there's an RGB galore that goes on the front and above the scorpio arch; if that is not quite enough for you, there is a reasonably big and bright reading light on the inside as well.

On the right side there is a built-in USB hub, which is very helpful when you want to quickly swap between a joystick or wheel, or any other accessories without the need of going to the PC at the back to plug it in.

And talking about a PC - you have a few options here, like, placing the PC in the container at the back below the chair to keep things stealthy, or the more likely scenario would be to get a custom built PC and place it right next to the battlestation. Martiangear has actually partnered up with Dreamcore and Supersolid here in Singapore so you have the option to order all the components and have your new custom built PC at the same time.

I’m sure you’re all eager to see what this battle station can actually do. Depending on your chosen setup, you basically step inside a fantasy world. On the side there is a panel that controls all the adjustment features of this cockpit. There are combined actions - as an example with just a press of one button you can open or close the cabin for easy access. You can separately lower or raise just the scorpio arch (Max height when open: 2.16m; height when closed: 1.7m), bring the keyboard tray towards you, recline the chair up to a maximum of 140 degree angle, and have a leg rest pop out for a bit of extra support. You can also raise the footrest for additional comfort.

On the left side there are two cup holders, which is great but can also be a reason for trouble. When you go into Zero gravity mode, make sure if you have any cups or cans there, they are never full. The cup holder tilts along with the rest of the cabin so depending on what angle you go, it may lead to a spillage.

Same goes for your keyboard and mouse - make sure they are set up in such a way that they can’t slide down, otherwise it will literally hit you in the face (use magnets or a grippy matt).

Regardless of this, it certainly is a very cool beast and the best part is that this is only the stock configuration. The team at Martiangear is really determined to get these cockpits out to all kinds of people - whether you are a gamer, trader or content creator. This is why they are open to any and all customisations to suit every need. For example, a gamer who is also a streamer will likely want to have special mounts for cameras and lighting, or traders will likely need mounting for more screens and also making it look less gamery and more business appropriate.

Customisation in many ways is essential here as it is ultimately a chair and desk for one person and as everybody is unique, it is not exactly one size fits all. If you are taller and have longer arms then you will need a larger chair as well as a desk to be slightly further away, and the opposite is true if you are smaller.

If you’re using it as a gaming cockpit, your zoom calls sanctuary or even as a sleeping pod, this thing will grab everyone’s attention, there’s no doubt about it.

Generally any kind of cockpit is expensive as it is a niche product and pretty complex to manufacture, but if you are really keen on getting one and you are in Singapore, Martiangear provides an instalment plan which is about 250 SGD per month which makes it more enticing.

If you can find a place in your home and somehow convince your partner that it is important for your zoom conferences, then this may just be the coolest Christmas gift you will ever give to yourself. But in all seriousness it is a pretty futuristic toy that has the potential to be a great tool in your life. If you are based in Singapore, I really recommend you go and check it out at the Martiangear showroom and let us know what you think.

Martiangear Cockpit Pro: Official Website


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