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Vilno Kneeling Chair - DID I Convert?

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We've spent a lot of time checking out gaming chairs and office chairs, but today we're trying something a bit different. We're looking at a Vilno kneeling chair, which is a cool type of chair that helps you sit straight. We're going to open it up, put it together, and see how it does. 


The box it comes in isn't too big, especially compared to the huge boxes gaming chairs come in, so that's pretty handy. Inside, it's pretty straightforward – there are some wooden parts for the frame and a couple of cushions for your seat and knees. They've also done a neat job by burning the company name into the wood with a laser. 


Putting it together is kind of like building something from IKEA. There's a manual that's fairly easy to follow, and you've got all the tools and screws you need. We put together two of them, which was pretty simple, and it gave us a chance to see if there was any difference in how they turned out. We are going to test it out more thoroughly later on. 


In general the build quality is mostly good, but on one of the chairs, you could see some imperfections in the wood if you looked closely. And I'm not a big fan of how the screw holes are facing up – it's the only part you'll see from top, and it'd be nicer if they were hidden. 


The cushions are well-made, but the edges are a bit rushed especially on the lighter one. It's not a big deal, just something to consider.  


After a couple of weeks of testing we definitely have some feedback to share.  


First things first, these chairs are surprisingly sturdy. I mean, you look at them and think: "Is this thing going to hold me?" But once you sit, it feels solid. Vilno is confident enough to assure you, claiming it can hold up to 130 kg weight, which is actually impressive for a frame like this. 


Sitting down no longer felt like a passive act, which was a bit of an adjustment from the usual plop-down-on-a-chair routine. I will be honest – I'm not 100% switched over to the kneeling life, but when I need to dial in and really focus, this chair is my go-to. It sort of encourages a mental shift, similar to what I've felt when starting to use a standing desk, basically nudging you into a 'zone' and enhancing concentration. And talking about tables - my adjustable table came in handy letting me find that sweet spot in height. But for those rocking a standard desk, it might be a bit of a puzzle to get it just right, especially with Vilno saying this chair can fit anyone from 4’5'' to 6’7''. As someone who's seen all kinds of ergonomic furniture, I was a bit sceptical about that claim, but so far, it's been holding up pretty well.  


Now, about those cushions. They're supportive, sure, but after a while, they can get a bit... chafey, especially after sitting for extended periods. I've also noticed a slight wobble in the knee section. It doesn’t compromise the comfort, just adds a bit of unsureness if you’re someone who readjusts sitting positions often. 


It was quite interesting to see the immediate change in my sitting posture; It's got me sitting in this sort of half-sit, half-kneel that's weirdly balanced and comfortable and it naturally puts my body into this S-shaped posture, which is a stark contrast to the C-shape slump I'm guilty of when sitting in regular chairs. 


I've also experimented with different sitting positions, like trying out a cross-legged position, which added a nice touch of versatility. I even tried sitting on it the other way around. It gets rid of the “kneeling” feature, but is still perfectly doable and comfortable. 


The rocking motion quickly became a feature I looked forward to, adding a relaxing element to my workday. Initially, though, I won't lie—it felt pretty odd and somewhat uncomfortable. While the chair works well as an addition to a standard office chair, transitioning to it was intimidating at first. But just like with anything new, the more I used it, the more natural it began to feel. 


However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing. The cushion material could be softer, leading to some discomfort, especially when sitting with bare knees, and it gets pretty warm sitting here in the humid climate of Singapore. And despite its strong weight capacity, the rocking motion can feel a bit jerky on hard floors or tiles, especially on the grey version that we have here. The black model has a smoother curvature, I feel like that made the rocking motion a tad bit better. 


While the "one size fits all" idea is nice, I reckon having a few size options could make a big difference and cater to a broader range of body types more effectively. 


Pet and child owners should be cautious around the chair's structure to avoid accidents. It could accidentally catch a paw or a tail or rock on a kid’s arm if they are crawling around, but I guess with this kind of design there’s not much you can do about it. 


Initially, my back did feel a bit strained, particularly between the shoulder blades, I’m sure it was a sign of muscles getting a workout they’re just not used to. Also because there is no backrest, I couldn’t use it for sitting all day. 


All in all I would say that getting used to the chair took some effort, and its premium price tag seems a bit steep, considering it feels like an OEM product. A quick Google search will show you a sea of lookalikes under various brands. So, it really boils down to the nitty-gritty - the quality of the parts and how well they're put together. What's fascinating is that even the two models we got from the same brand had their quirks, as I mentioned before, the black one had a noticeably smoother rocking motion. It just goes to show, even within the same product line, there can be subtle differences that might sway your experience one way or the other. 


The kneeling chair has definitely shaken up my sitting habits and introduced a new dynamic to my workspace. While there's been an adjustment period and some aspects that could be improved, it's been a worthwhile experience that has made me reconsider how I sit. And even though I’m in no rush to get rid of my current gaming chair, I will keep this kneeling chair as a secondary option for the crunch-time moments. 


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