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Minimal Dual Monitor Setup – PRISM+ Arc Stealth Dual Monitor Arm Review

Updated: May 29, 2022

If you are planning to put two of them on the desk, you will need an extremely large desk and it will use up all available space. This is where this ARC Stealth Dual monitor arm comes in.

In the box you have: Installation manual A bunch of monitor arms Main Bracket Mounting accessories Two vesa brackets – these support 2 sizes: 75mm and 100mm VESA mounting accessories Main bracket with two USB 3.0 passthrough cables

To mount, we first unpacked the main bracket accessory bag – here we need to decide if we will be mounting this on the side of the table or drill a hole through the table to put the screw in. Either mount supports table tops between 10mm and 50mm so you have plenty of flexibility. Just make sure that your table top is strong enough to hold the weight.

Take the large Allen key and loosen the main screw on the bracket, this will expand the clamp.

If you chose to mount it using a through hole, you need to unscrew this fully and replace the bolt with the one provided.

We are mounting it on the side of our desk so just loosen it enough to fit the desk. Next we need to decide where to put the base – as I want one of my main screens to be mostly centered in front of me, I have mounted the base slightly to one side. Then screw it tightly and check to ensure it doesn’t move. Just remember to pull the USB cables back so you don’t kink them.

Next you slide in the bottom brackets, then top brackets – these slot together like legos. On the bottom bracket next to the base there is a screw to secure it – use the tool provided to screw it in. I would have liked this to be an allen screw rather than flat screw top as it is a little finicky, but it’s not a big deal.

Now we can dress up our monitors with VESA brackets. For this task please refer to your monitor manual as some of them may vary. We had to remove existing screws from the back, then install little stand-offs and then screw in the bracket. There are different screw types provided with this bracket so you should be covered. Before doing this – ensure the bracket is facing the right way up.

These arms support up to 8kg in weight per monitor and they have tension adjustments.

Once that is done, you can mount the monitor and do your final adjustments. I would recommend pushing on the monitor a little – if it starts drifting then adjust the tension.

Now that you have them in the right position, you can start cable managing it – this arm is designed to route the cable out of sight and to be honest it leaves a clean look. I also really like that on the back of the bracket you have further cable management and can store both tools.

Now we have two massive 34 inch monitors side by side. It’s amazing to have this much screen real estate. I generally split each screen into two sections and if I am playing games I have one screen for the game and second for notes/guides or video.

Some people out there need a vertical screen, well guess what – even this large screen is supported. The spring loaded mechanism within the bracket makes it easy to adjust. As I work with a sit/stand desk – I often need to make little adjustments and with this arm it is a piece of cake.

In regards to adjustments, maximum height is about 43cm from the desk to the middle of the vesa bracket, in my case it’s about 21cm to the bottom of my screen and I can drop them all the way down to the desk if needed. It also moves any way I want to. Once I have mounted the two screens I can put them together or have up to 5cm gap so there is still some flexibility in regards to larger displays.

The two USB 3.0 passthrough ports are certainly a nice addition. I prefer to unplug my webcam for security reasons, and also when I need to import footage from an SD card – now I can do it right in front of me.

The biggest win for me is freeing up my desk from monitor stands. I prefer having a clean desk where – let’s be frank – I will make a mess anyway. But at least this way I have space to put things.

To conclude – this is a really solid and easy to set-up dual monitor arm. PRISM+ also does a single monitor version.

It is certainly not cheap, but it is good looking stable and very versatile – I’m sure that anyone buying it will be very happy with it.


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Ervin Tay
Ervin Tay
Jul 12, 2021

Do you have cable tray below your omnidesk? Does it obstruct the arc stealth clamp? Do you need to mount the clamp outside the cable tray?

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