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Hassle Free NVME drive – CRAS C700 by KLEVV

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

This right here is in my opinion one of the best looking RGB NVME drives on the market. It is Cras C700 RGB from KLEVV. While this drive is not the fastest, it still has a few things up its sleeve. Let’s talk about it. 

This M.2 drive comes in three sizes – 240, 480 and 960GB. As it usually goes – the larger drives are faster. It seems lately everyone screams “fastest drive this, fastest drive that”, but if we are being honest once you get to a SATA SSD speeds you start hitting the law of diminishing returns. Over the years we have used different drives for our builds and with exception of a very, very specialised professional workload, a regular user certainly doesn’t need the fastest drive on the market to have great performance.

This is where KLEVV made a drive that still exceeds one gigabyte per second speeds but is also practical and has a very unique gem-like finish.

This drive has a built-in heatsink and due to its unique aluminium alloy design, you can get up to 27% reduction in core temperature. The top cover also works as a diffuser for the RGB lights below, ensuring a seamless colour blend no matter what combination you choose. There is one thing to consider – due to size and heatsink being permanently attached to the drive – in certain motherboards it can interfere with your SSD heatsink mount or graphics card so be mindful of that. 

We really like RGB lighting integrating with most of the motherboard manufacturers, and it’s done through the port rather than needing extra cables. We used ASUS motherboard for testing and after installing the drive, all we had to do was download an update inside Armoury Crate. Following a quick restart we could control it together with the rest of the components. That was very effortless.

The SSD has additional features like S.M.A.R.T. drive health monitoring technology, SLC caching algorithm for improved performance and durability as well as Global Wear Leveling to extend the life of the device. This drive is made using SK Hynix 3D 72 layer Nand flash and comes with a 5 year warranty.

I personally really like the look of it and providing you have enough space for it in between CPU and graphics card – the Cras C700 RGB nicely lights up that area and definitely leaves a lasting impression. For anyone who wants a great performing drive, as well as some eye-catching piece in their rig with loads of RGB – this is a great choice! And if you are indifferent to RGB, KLEVV also sells a more standard C700 non RGB NVME drive.


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