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Such A LIT Bundle! Google Nest Hub Gen 2 With Yeelight Lightstrip Pro

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We received a mystery box from Yeelight in partnership with Google.

This is essentially a starter kit for someone who is getting into smart home products but with the ability to control things by voice and using a touch screen. Let's check it out!

It comes with the 2nd generation of the Google Nest Hub which has a few nice upgrades including an extra microphone to hear your instructions. Other features include additional sleep tracking, gesture control as well as more bass than the original hub.

As for the Yeelight Lightstrip PRO - it is a fully addressable RGB LED strip which allows you to change lighting effects gradually rather than just swap colour across the whole strip. It actually can be integrated with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa as well as Apple HomeKit. For gamers out there it has Razer Chroma game sync and if you don’t want to have any smart integration then you can control it directly through the app that it comes with.

This strip can be extended up to 10 metres and if you want to you can cut it down to required length.

The setup process for Yeelight is very simple - just push the pins into the connector, connect all the cables and voila! It also has a pretty straight forward app to control it that way or use Google voice controls if that's what you prefer.

The LED strip can be added to basically anything, it can make you TV binging experience brighter, or set the right mood when you are catching up on some work.

One thing to consider - smart home stuff is not cheap, especially if you are planning to get into some automation and kit out your whole house, but at the same time having LED strip just like this around your TV, under your sofa or in the back of your streaming set-up is pretty cool. Especially if you automate it so it just turns on whenever you get into the room or start playing a game.


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