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What's NEW in Ergotune Supreme V3

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Back in 2020 we reviewed the first version of Ergotune Supreme chair and were quite impressed with it. Now we have the opportunity to review the new and improved version to see what has been changed and decide if this Supreme V3 finally is the ultimate chair of all chairs. Let’s dive right in!

I’m sure the first thing that stands out on this latest version is the new lumbar support. Ergotune has remodelled it to have adjustable lumbar tension and a wider support. I always thought that there was enough support already on the previous model, but after trying V3 the difference is quite noticeable. To some it might even be too much so if you have the chance, try it out before buying. Along with the new style of lumbar support, there is a knob to adjust the tension level, allowing you to personalise it more to your liking. I would definitely give some bonus points for positioning the knob on both sides for a more comfortable way of adjusting.

I am still trying to get used to the new look, it is definitely wider and curvier, but these are also the features that make it more comfortable. Talking about comfort - the mesh is still my preferred material for chairs. I have been using the old chair almost daily for around 2 years now and, as far as I can tell, the mesh has held up pretty well. There are some parts (like the lumbar support) where it has gone a bit looser, but if the version 3 has the same type of mesh, I will be pretty happy.

It is also nice that this updated version now is suitable for a wider range of people. When you’re assembling the chair, pay attention to the screw holes at the bottom of the base. For people who are 180cm and taller, choose the sticker marked 180+, and respectively if you’re shorter, choose the other option. Ergotune is saying that in May there will also be an option of Tall and Petite, ranging from 140 to 210 centimetres, which is pretty impressive.

Let’s quickly go over all the adjustment options. You can go up and down using the lever on the right, and the knob helps you calibrate the backrest’s resistance while the recline is unlocked. On the left side the knob controls the backrest’s ability to recline (when turned forward, it locks the recline, when turned backwards it unlocks). You can control the seat depth with the lever right next to it. It is great to have the seat not only nice and wide, but it can also be extended quite a bit. One of the features that I would say is a must have in a chair is when a seat is reclining with the backrest. The Supreme has it as a synchro tilt mechanism, it’s nice, maybe a bit too subtle for me but nevertheless good to have.

If we’re talking about the backrest height adjustments, with the old chair it was a source of mild frustration. It did work and was easy enough, however once you reached the last adjustment level, it just dropped down to the first level so you had to start the guessing game all over again and hope not go too far up. If only there could be some sort of a button or sound indicating that the next level will reset the height back to the lowest… And I’m happy to report that the latest version finally has it! Have a listen (video timecode 2:51)!

When we were reviewing Supreme version 1, one of our biggest complaints was the armrests. They were way too easy to move, kept readjusting themselves when receiving any pressure and also the size was a bit too small for our liking. It was really nice to see Ergotune react to our feedback and shortly after they sent us the new and improved armrests to try, they were with stiffer adjustments, but alas the same size. It seems like the version 3 has these newer type of armrests. Don’t get me wrong, the stiffness is good, they are highly adjustable and fit for all sorts of workflows, yet I wish they could be a bit longer or be able to slide forward and backward.

If you look at the headrest, it has a lot of things going on. There are 4 axes of adjustments: it goes up and down (with further height adjustments on the neck-rest itself), you can move it closer or further away from you and also tilt to finetune the exact angle. I would say it has a near perfect balance of support versus comfort. The neck-rest pillows always tend to be too big and after 30 minutes of use, I can feel the tension in my shoulders and neck, so this 3D support headrest is a great feature. However, it follows right in the steps of the armrests from the first version, meaning - it adjusts too easily. I wish it had a lock button to secure the perfect position.

So with all the new features (the enhanced 3D head support, new type of lumbar support and wider range of height), I feel this chair is able to accommodate most people’s needs, it has great level of adjustability and the old chair has proven that Supreme chairs age well. There are some features that could still be improved, like the armrest length and headrest resistance, but overall this might be a great purchase for anyone who is looking for a reliable and comfortable chair.


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