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This Prism+ Q75 4K Android TV Surprised Us

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Today we are checking out a budget friendly 4K, 75 inch Android TV from Prism+. I know, budget friendly, 4K and 75 inch TV is not something that normally goes in the same sentence, but bear with me. We will go over the specs, how it performs and see if this TV is worth your money.

Who is Prism+ you might ask? Well, this is a local Singapore brand that has been supplying the country with monitors for a few years now and last year they ventured into the TV market as well. This year they have doubled down and introduced the new Q series TVs that mark a milestone for the company as they are the first Singaporean company to feature Android TV. This TV comes in three sizes ranging from 55 to 75 inches to suit most households in terms of size and price.

Android TV has a few nice benefits up its sleeve. First and foremost it is access to apps, over 7000 of them and the list keeps on growing. These include music streaming apps (like Spotify and Google Play music), video streaming apps (like Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube), as well as games. Some are simple that you can play using your remote, for some you may need a controller. There’s also an option to stream games directly from your PC if you are a more hardcore gamer.

Before we get into testing, let’s quickly cover some of the features, by the way most of these features are the same across all three sizes. As I mentioned earlier, this is a 4K display, it is actually an IPS panel and gives you great viewing angles. It is running at a standard 60Hz refresh rate and supports 10bit colour.

This display has a feature called Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC). This technology is artificially inserting frames to a video that has lower frame rate to make it feel smoother. In some scenarios like watching sports this is a welcome addition, in others like for example movies, I prefer it turned off – this way I can enjoy the movie as the director envisioned it. This of course is a matter of taste.

Other features include 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 which is paired with a bluetooth remote as well as support for devices like keyboards, mice, headphones and game controllers or even bluetooth soundbars.

It also has support for HDR 10 and Dolby vision, as well as Dolby audio with TruSurround sound. Thanks to the included Android TV operating system we get access to Google Home with Voice control as well as ChromeCast so you can share content from your PC or mobile device very quickly.

As far as all the connections are concerned, these include two HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI ARC port, one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports, AV in, Optical audio out as well as ethernet lan port.

This 75inch unit has the ports on the side rather than back, this means the mounting bracket is not obstructed. If you do want to mount it, it supports 600 by 400mm vesa bracket. Keep in mind that due to its size, you will need a bracket and probably a wall that can support 29kg.

It might also be noted – the power connection is on the opposite side from the ports and the included power cable is a little short. If you are placing it on a TV console then you will be fine but if you want to plug it into a wall, unless your wall plug is right next to it, you may need an extension.

Let’s jump into testing. It is important to calibrate our expectations here. Prism+ are not advertising these TV’s as top of the line kind. The focus here is to be good value, I think it is essential to keep that in mind.

I feel like the colour performance would make or break any TV – we found this panel delivers good results and colours are looking natural and vivid, without looking too saturated. This panel supports over 1 billion colours so it has the ability to render images with great accuracy.

We have also spent a lot of time checking if there are any stuck or dead pixels on the panel. It is funny how long it takes to check it properly, it was this moment when I realised how huge this TV actually is. Lucky for us, all the pixels passed the test.

We have also done a light bleed test where we turned off all the ambient lights and played a pitch-black video in full-screen mode. We then took a picture of the screen while bumping up light sensitivity on the camera. In a perfect world you want it to be completely black just like it is on OLED TV, the next best thing is uniformity.

This one has a bit of a hotspot on the top right corner. However unless you intend to sit in the dark and watch a movie about a black wall then this is unlikely to affect your experience. Also we have to mention that the camera picks up the light spots better if compared to a naked eye and while watching content we did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Right after picture quality, comes sound – the speakers are downwards firing and can get pretty loud, quality is generally ok unless you turn them up all the way. But I would strongly advise anyone buying a TV to get a proper soundbar. Spending even a few hundred dollars will have an exponential improvement in sound quality simply because the soundbar has more space to actually produce the sound.

It’s nice to see that the menu system is pretty straight forward, you get options to adjust sound and video profiles as well as making your own. There is the ability to have an automatic sleep timer and screensaver if that is something you are into. Generally it has everything a normal user would need.

Earlier in the video I mentioned gaming and it is very nice to play games on a screen of this size. Not every game is suitable, but for example adventure and exploring type games are really immersive. Do bear in mind that this is still a TV so it is not suitable for the competitive gamers, for that you need a monitor with low input lag and also much faster refresh rate. Other than that, I’m sure you will enjoy spending some evenings totally engulfed in a fantasy world.

One issue that we stumbled across was boot up times. From the moment you press the button you have to wait what feels like forever until it is ready to go. Fortunately there is a workaround – if you go to TV settings, you’ll find a fast boot mode. Once enabled, our boot time was reduced to under 5 seconds.

To summarize, what do we think about this TV and is it worth your money? I believe any of these Q-series TVs would be a great addition to most households as it does deliver great visuals paired with flexibility of an Android TV. Yes, there are TVs out there that are better but they are also considerably more expensive. And just to think that the pricing of this TV is a fraction of the usual high-end TV’s, we were pleasantly surprised to realise that we could actually not find anything on this TV that was particularly bad. It’s a wonderful time to be a couch-potato!


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