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Sorry Huawei, I am going with Samsung S20 Ultra

Updated: May 29, 2022

I have finally found a replacement for my Huawei Mate 20 Pro and pre ordered the new Samsung S20 Ultra. Let’s see if I regret it.

On one hand it seems this is the next gen device with everything going for it.

On the other hand it is not tested/not reviewed and Samsung has not been the “TOP” performer across individual categories, such as battery optimisation/camera and general feel. The thing they do have worked out is screens, no wonder everyone wants to use their screens and boyyy… the 120 hertz screen (even with limitation of 1080p) does look good!

The main selling point for me is of course the camera. At this price it better be as good as they claim it is. We will be publishing videos reviewing this phone extensively so check out our page again to see what’s new!

Let me know what tests you would like us to do as the phone is already on the way. We can’t wait to have a proper hands-on and do an in-depth review.

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