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Revealing NVIDIA CES Secrets For RTX 4000 Super Series

CES is here, and Nvidia is launching a bunch of stuff over the next few weeks. They've got a bunch of AI tools and partnerships coming up, but that's not all. They're also rolling out several 'refreshes' of their graphics cards – the 4080 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4070 Super that we will show you shortly. It is launching in just few days – we will have its review coming up soon!


Before getting into 4070 Super unboxing, let me quickly share some highlights from the Nvidia presentation starting with Gaming. We will be getting exciting new games that support the latest DLSS as well as Ray Tracing technologies. Expect to see Horizon Forbidden West getting the DLSS treatment, while Diablo 4 is set to receive Ray Tracing support sometime in March. 


On the hardware front, Nvidia's introducing their new G-Sync Pulsar technology, aimed at enhancing Motion Clarity through advanced backlight strobing. The first monitor to feature this will be the ASUS ROG PG 27, 2024 edition, so we can take a closer look at this once it hits the market. 


Nvidia's announcements also included some intriguing updates for their cloud gaming service, GeForce Now. They're rolling out day passes, which is great news for those who game occasionally. Plus, they're introducing cloud G-Sync and expanding to new global locations like Thailand, Japan, Chile, and Poland, broadening their reach for gamers worldwide. 


For streamers using Twitch, there's something to look forward to as well. Nvidia announced a beta program allowing streamers to broadcast up to five concurrent streams at varying resolutions. It's an exciting development that could set a new standard for streaming, enabling content creators to simultaneously serve both high-end and low-end users. 


There are a few other things in the AI sphere. One highlight is 'Chat with RTX', a feature that allows you to engage in chat using your own data from documents or YouTube, all powered by your graphics card. It's a concept I'm eager to explore more once it becomes available. 


Another intriguing aspect is the Generative AI by iStock, utilizing Nvidia's Picasso technology. And let's not forget about AI NPC Speak, which we've seen before but is now seeing improvements. 


Now Nvidia is making strides with the launch of RTX 4000 series laptops and their new line of Super graphics cards, including the 4080 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4070 Super. 


The release of these new Nvidia cards is staggered, with each launching a week apart. The first in line is the 4070 Super, set to hit the shelves on January 17th, priced at $599 USD. 


Nvidia's made some pretty bold statements about these cards. For instance, they claim that the 4070 Super performs on par with the 3090 without any upscaling, and it's approximately 50% faster when utilizing DLSS 3. These are substantial assertions, and I'm really excited to put them to the test in our upcoming review to see if they truly live up to the hype. 


The next card in line is the 4070 Ti Super, scheduled for release on January 24th at $799 USD. Rounding out the series is the 4080 Super, launching on January 31st, priced at $999 USD. Be sure to tune in for our reviews on these exciting new offerings. 


Now, for the grand reveal, let's take a first look at Nvidia's latest creation - RTX 4070 Super. In terms of design, it maintains a familiar aesthetic but sports a different colour scheme from the standard cards. I must admit, I'm quite taken with the black design. It strikes a perfect balance between elegance and a bit of an edge. What are your thoughts on it? Is there a specific build you'd like to see this card featured in? Let us know in the comments below! 


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