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Creative Pebble X Plus Speakers

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Creative has long been a leader in the entry-level desktop speaker market, yet upgrading within their product line typically meant making a significant leap to higher-end models, such as the Sound Blaster Katana. However, the introduction of their latest speaker set changes the game. This new offering retains the beloved characteristics of their Pebble series but enhances them with greater power and the addition of a subwoofer. Upon unboxing, the initial observation is the weight, which is unexpectedly hefty for what are essentially enhanced Pebble speakers. The inclusion of a 'sub cube' adds a charming yet compact bass component that doesn't demand much space, potentially fitting neatly behind a monitor or on a desk side.

Check out the sound samples at minute 7:19

In terms of design, these speakers are a tad larger than their predecessors and remain interconnected, a feature that may be inconvenient for those who prefer a more flexible setup. The fixed cable length restricts how far apart the speakers can be placed, which could be a drawback for users with specific spatial arrangements in mind. Despite this, the design remains faithful to the original Pebbles, with a simple connection setup involving a cable linking the master speaker to the subwoofer, alongside various input options for versatile connectivity.

The speakers boast an array of features, including Bluetooth compatibility for wireless streaming, inputs for both microphone and headphones, auxiliary input, and USB Type-C ports for connecting to various devices and charging. The absence of a power adapter in the package means users will need to source their own, though most modern PCs should suffice in providing the necessary power. A standout feature of these speakers is the inclusion of RGB lighting, adding an aesthetic flair that can be customized in brightness and colour to enhance the user's experience.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of this new launch, I want to go back and briefly cover the Pebble series – they span from basic to premium, hitting all the right notes along the way. 


The Creative Pebble series start with the original model that is designed for users who appreciate straightforward, quality sound without the complexities of advanced connectivity. It's a budget set of speakers for casual listening. The V2 further refines the experience with better bass via passive radiators and improved audio at higher volumes with its USB-C connectivity. And the V3 stands out with a 50% boost in output, Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connections, and Clear Dialog feature, making it our go-to for reviewing videos. For upping the game, the Pro model comes in with Bluetooth 5.3 and a substantial peak power increase, though the price also sees a notable rise. 


Which leads us well into the Pebble X and Pebble X Plus launch. So, there are two versions, with the main difference – subwoofer, this tiny thing we got right here. Unfortunately, if you opt for just the speakers, there is no way to upgrade down the line as non-plus model is missing the sub port. When it comes to the price, the standard version is $89.99 USD and Plus is expected to be $129.99 USD. The difference between them is rather large. You are paying 45% more money for the sub, but then again if you need just some powerful speakers then maybe Pebble Pro should be on your radar.  


I see these speakers with the included sub as a significant upgrade for your PC set-up, but also, they are powerful enough to be your room party speakers. In our testing they have enough of a kick to get uncomfortably loud if you push them. I would say the maximum it should go is 80% as any higher the sub is not able to keep up with the speakers and starts to sound disbalanced.  


The subwoofer can cause vibrations on the desk, which might be distracting during long work or gaming sessions. It's often better to place the subwoofer on the floor to minimize this. Unless you are into it – then you do you. For those using a sit/stand desk, the subwoofer's position on the floor might pose challenges with cable length and management. This does depend on your set-up but keep this in mind.  


While it is cool to have speakers with RGB lights, I actually prefer having less lights around the desk when I am trying to focus. But with that being said – if you are having a mini rave at home, it is a nice conversation starter too.  


For power – I was able to run the whole lot from single Type C port on my motherboard, it does get loud, and sub is playing but not at its best. Once I plugged in power to the PD port, the sound got louder, and bass kicked in properly and now it sounds more room-filling and nice. So make sure to use power supply capable of at least 30W to get the full performance. 


A place I would like to see improvements is control. As of today, Creative has not added support in the app, but it is listed on their page so it should be coming shortly. The extra features like surround sound and firmware updating seems to be limited to PC only though, I hope this gets updated moving forward to also allow for phone control. 


So all in all the new Pebble X speakers represent a premium addition to the PC speaker arena. While the inclusion of RGB lighting might seem like a way to justify the higher cost, these speakers genuinely offer robust sound quality and volume. For those in search of quality speakers with a subwoofer that won't disturb the neighbours, the Pebble X Plus is an excellent option. Alternatively, for those mindful of their budget, the Pro models or even the V3s are worth considering. For that price, they are hard to ignore. Let us know what you think of this new addition! 


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